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Launching of the Year Fasting

Launching of the Year Fasting is a straight fast from December 30th to January 1st (ending at noon); at the beginning of every year. Photos. Reports.

You may never know the degree of God’s protection over your life in every passing year, until you realised the effect of a decree made by Satan against your life at the dawn of a year.

Demonic activities such as bloodshed by accidents, rituals, satanic oracles sought for to access higher job positions, prostitutions and abortions, abominable acts and incurable diseases, batteries and divorce, etc., are always at an exponential rise in the month of December because the devil is seeking to gain control over your life, your home and your ministry before the year starts.

“Declaring the end from the beginning…” Isaiah 46: 10

Dear friend, from in the verse above implies that God has good plans for you, but if you choose to begin your year without Him He will have no option than to let you do as you wish. Of course, you would have legally handed over your life to the devil.

“… He who has begun a good work in you will complete it …” Philippians 1: 6

Choose today to begin your year in the Presence of God; His work in your life is “good” and not “evil”; He will be with your through out the year to complete the good work.

Join in these three uninterrupted days to fast and pray:

Day 1, December 30th: Praise and thanksgiving
On this first day you make a retrospective of the year ending and praise God for carrying you through. Make a thanksgiving offering to God. Sing songs of praise and dance out your love for Jesus.

Day 2, December 31st: Confess
Face the reality of your failures, stubborn attitudes, and uncompleted assignments in the year ending. Confess them as sin to God. Meet people you have hurt for reconciliation; and those you robbed for restitution. (You may need special counseling on how to go about it). Do everything possible to have a free conscience. Stand the gab for your family, the Ministry, the Church and the nation.

Day 3, January 1st: Prophesy
You are now into the New Year. Declare the things you want to see happen in your life, your family, your ministry, your business, your nation, etc. The power to create your future lies in your prophetic declarations.

You are expected to carry the fast just where you are; and stop at 12 noon on January 1st. You are encouraged to involve your relatives and friends. It’s always very exciting because we receive calls from different homes to share the mighty works the Lord is doing there. Be part of this glorious moment; contact us so we can be praying for you.



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